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This class – Personal values. Our values act as directives to your intuition. Being conscious of your values means you direct your intuition successfully.

Sometimes your intuition is spot on and other times you can’t feel it and often that’s when you need it most. Whether it was leaving or starting a relationship, leaving a safe job, spending a large amount of money we all find ourselves facing big life change decisions with little evidence to make the right choice.

You can ask family and friends, but often, you become more confused with differing opinions. I am here to teach you that YOU DO KNOW, You are your wisest advisor. You have a natural knowing within you that transcends logic, reason and experience — and most definitely other people’s opinions.

The aim of this membership is to keep your intuition finely tuned so that you can live a fully turned on intuitive life. Saving time, making great decisions and feeling safe in your choices.

In this membership, you will get a monthly hour-long class in intuition with Becky Walsh who is a world-renowned author and expert on the subject. You will also get a monthly meditation you can use to keep your vibration high so your intuition is tapped into your greater awareness.

The membership is aimed at busy people who want focused, impactful training to develop their spirituality.

All of this for a monthly payment of £15.00. To become a member email becky@beckywalsh.com

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