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Intuitive Catalyst Appointments – One insight can make clear the direction of your life. ‘Stuck’ is a holding point whilst you’re waiting for information. Once you have the clarity you can live freely. One appointment can be all you need.

Support for Town and Parish Councils – Working closely with organisations such as the SLCC providing tailored training and coaching solutions to public sector professionals. and a monthly newsletter filled with insights and updates, all designed to empower public sector personnel to achieve excellence in their roles.

Neurodiversity Coaching/Counselling – Working alongside organisations such as NATTC  and independently to support neurodivergent clients to enhance and uncover talents and support challenges. Expertise spans across ADHD, dyslexia, and the autism spectrum. Becky’s unique blend of coaching and counselling, enriched by her own lived experience, offers unique support and guidance in all aspects of life.

Training and Comedy – In-person, online and highbred talks and training and presented in a comedy style. Personal development training gives your teams an empowering understanding of human psychology. Becky also performs personal development comedy shows.

Becky Walsh

You Do Know:
Learning to Act on Intuition Instantly

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