Stuck is only a holding point while you’re waiting for more information.

Feeling stuck is often just a temporary state, a moment of pause as you gather the necessary insights for your next steps.

Personal development can be challenging, especially when we cling to familiar behaviours that provide a sense of security. In the realm of psychology, it’s understood that we embody various selves, known as archetypes, subpersonalities, or protectors. My approach, blending intuition and humour, effectively navigate past these barriers, helping to dismantle limiting beliefs.

My unique abilities stem partly from neurodiversity and a form of synesthesia, where I perceive people’s emotions as distinct auditory cues. This heightened sensory perception enables me to quickly identify and understand core issues, turning what might be seen as a challenge into a valuable tool for client success. Beyond this, I possess a remarkable ability to read people, extending not just to my direct clients but also to those in their lives – whether it’s a boss, partner, friend, or family member.

This insight allows me to discern patterns and trigger points from multiple perspectives, offering a comprehensive view based on my twenty-five years of experience in psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality. Often, just one session is enough to transform your perception and set you on the path to a more fulfilled and empowered self.

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Zoom Consultations

    • One-hour Intuitive Catalyst Consultation via Zoom £80
    • Neurodiversity Coaching/Counselling – 6 sessions via Zoom £65.00 each session
    • Coaching sessions – 6 sessions via Zoom £65.00 each session

Appointments are available on Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays all day and into the early evening and Wednesdays after 5.00pm UK time.

To book email with three preferred dates and times. I typically get back to people within 24 hours.

Contract for working with Becky Walsh


Sessions are conducted over Zoom.

Intuitive Catalyst session one hour – £80.00 – $101.00

These one-off consultations are designed to guide you forward when you’re feeling anchored in uncertainty or a lack of direction.

Whether it’s personal spiritual growth, career progression, dealing will challenging people and relationships or any other aspect of life that’s clouding your path, these sessions provide clarity and insight.

One session can cause a shift in perspective, bringing you towards a more purposeful and directed life.

Neurodiversity Coaching/Counselling – 6 weeks £50 each session

Working alongside neurodivergent clients to enhance and uncover talents and support challenges. Specialising in ADHD, dyslexia and autism spectrum.

Whether you’re seeking strategies for managing a new realisation, daily life, challenging people,  professional growth or personal development, Becky’s highbred of coaching and counselling coupled with lived experience will support you.


This has been my third or fourth session with Becky and, as always, she’s been spot on. Becky has a gift for understanding/analyzing the issue(s) and giving advice. I always feel much lighter and more vitalized afterwards. Thank you!


Absolutely fantastic! As usual, Becky has come up with some inspiring solutions to help me move forward. It’s good to talk to someone who “get’s it” and Becky couldn’t be more generous with her empathy and creative ideas to help me resolve my short-term problems.


Becky is absolutely fabulous at getting to the heart of the matter, really shining the light on what needs to be healed and she does it all with such warmth and kindness. Thank you Becky!


Becky has a knack for using her intuition, understanding, and personal experience to relate and put issues into perspective.


Talking to Becky today was reassuring. She has a kind compassionate heart but is also no nonsense. Becky will tell it as it is, which means that you will get alot of insight and alot of work done in one session. She is clear and concise with good practical solutions that you can move forwards with. All in all I would recommend Becky if you want to cut to the chase and have clear, empowered support.


Thoroughly enjoyed the session with Becky. Straight in to the challenge I face – Becky’s work lies somewhere between a warm comfort blanket and a kick up the backside. So so useful. Thank you!


Becky was extremely helpful :-) OMG – It was like she was in my head! In my session, she helped me understand how I could start witnessing myself as ENOUGH. Becky gave me good ideas and suggestions on how I might align more to self love and less with self abuse. I so appreciate her light hearted and compassionate approach in our session. I would highly recommend a session with this lovely lady.


Becky helps you to see your own magic like no other. She doesn’t only tell you what you want to hear but challenges you in a gentle way. Becky is also great fun and clearly has decades of experience under her belt, so you feel like you’re connecting with someone who knows her stuff. Cannot recommend her highly enough.


My session with Becky was amazing, she is so real!! shes funny, knows her stuff. will definitely be having a follow on session. Many thanks.


I find Becky an exceptional teacher and coach. Our session tapped straight into the root of the issues I was coming up against and has filled me with renewed confidence and practical strategies for moving forward.


Super happy with my session with Becky – she has the ability to tune straight in to the heart of an issue. The way I would describe it is shining light into fog so that the fog is no longer there. I feel very clear with my next steps and physically lighter. Highly recommended!


Becky is patient, and has a clear & guided focus that enables her to understand and get to the root of the problem, offering simple guidance to follow. Thank you Becky for your time and guidance.


I was really impressed with how quickly Becky picked up on what I wanted to work on and how much we were able to work through in the space of an hour. I’m excited to do my homework (who ever says that?!) and appreciate her sense of humour.


The session was exactly what I needed, the advice I received helped me massively and I feel the session assisted me in getting to the root of my problem, excellent and faultless!


Becky is amazing, she is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, so many great ideas and feedback. I was left feeling inspired and motivated, I highly recommend her!

With so many counselors, it is easy to wonder whether what you’re mainly learning is how to live a life more like the counselor’s.  Becky has lived so many lives that she can relate to whatever you want your life to be, and she relates with a robustly warm and funny personality that is equal parts wise and inspiring.
Brandon, USA