I am a one-woman radical reinvention of personal development.

Mixing psychology and neuroscience facts with comedy, my show is never the same twice. Laugh, learn & reflect on what it is to be human. 

Whilst a comedy show will not deal with some of the more serious states of mental health and well-being, it could give an opportunity to give useful insights to people who would not be comfortable even on the softest therapy couch. 

I worked in theatre having studied a BTEC Diploma in Performing Arts and trained as a stage manager at the Royal Central school of speech and drama. I was mainly behind the scenes during my career with the odd ‘chuck her on stage’ moments due to cast illness. I produced and performed a one-woman show at the New End Theatre in Hampstead. I then went on to do intuitive comedy in London which played at several West End and fringe venues. In San Francisco, I trained in improv Theatre and playback Theatre and played at venues in San Francisco and New York.

I also stage-host conferences and award shows.

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Toss bag PosterToss Bag – A comedy show about dealing with ‘challenging’ people 

By unpacking the ‘Toss Bag’ Becky Walsh dives into human psychology, neuroscience and power dynamics to reveal what triggers people to behave from the worst of themselves.

You may know one, you may work with one and you may even be one. This show is a stress reliever for those annoyances called other people, also known as douchebag!

Synopsis of the show: “Toss Bag – A comedy show about dealing with ‘challenging’ people ” centres around Becky Walsh’s humorous and insightful exploration of dealing with difficult individuals in life. The host introduces the audience to the concept of the “Toss Bag,” a metaphorical bag where people can figuratively toss the negative emotions associated with the challenging people they encounter. The show covers various types of challenging people, including friends who are rude and unsupportive, bullies at work, toxic bosses, and troublesome relatives.

Throughout the show, the host uses witty anecdotes and relatable examples to highlight the reasons why people become difficult to deal with, delving into the psychology behind their behaviour. The audience is entertained with funny stories of encounters with different types of challenging individuals, which they can undoubtedly relate to in their own lives.

The show touches upon the insecurity and powerlessness that underlie some people’s challenging behaviour, which often leads to gossip, drama, and attention-seeking. The host hilariously describes the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and how individuals often create stories and perceptions about others based on their insecurities and past experiences.

Audience participation is encouraged as people identify themselves or others they know in the various challenging person archetypes described by the host. As the show progresses, the audience realises that everyone has encountered challenging people at some point in their lives, making the experience all the more relatable and humorous.

In the end, the host emphasises the importance of protecting one’s energy, and the how healing compassion and kindness can be. The audience leaves the show with a renewed sense of empowerment and is armed with a figurative “Toss Bag” to toss away the negativity associated with challenging people.

Overall, “Toss Bag” is a comedic and enlightening show that not only makes the audience laugh but also offers valuable insights into dealing with challenging people in a lighthearted and relatable manner.

Burnout – A comedy show about emotional exhaustion and how to avoid it

Burnout - Becky WalshIn this show, Becky Walsh brings you into her comedy kitchen to cook up some vibrant life force.

Explaining how you can create spoonfuls of energy, avoid the stress juice cocktail and how to know when the spinning plates need smashing.

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Burn-out is a humorous and insightful exploration of the topic of burnout and the challenges of balancing a busy lifestyle. Becky Walsh engages the audience with witty anecdotes and relatable experiences. She discusses the concept of “spoons” as a metaphor for energy and lifeforce. Using examples from everyday life, such as working in a busy restaurant or managing a business, she illustrates how people often find themselves overwhelmed and depleted. The show emphasises the importance of self-care, highlighting how procrastination can actually be a way for the body to recharge and gather necessary information. Becky’s engaging storytelling and relatable observations make the audience reflect on their own lives and consider strategies for maintaining balance and avoiding burnout.

Clips from Bristol Fringe Bar and conference compare for SLCC.