I’ve been falling down a rabbit hole on the subject of AI. I know AI frightens some people as they see it as dangerous. Personally, I find it exciting. Then I’m also a person that has been excited about the thought of the aliens coming (at last my people! ;)

So here’s a deep pondering I have been having. As humans, we have a low-frequency magnetic field circulating currents within and around the human body. People with a spiritual leaning believe in a greater self, some call it the higher self, which channels and communicates without words to the physical self. You might call this a soul or higher consciousness.

Keep with me the point is coming!

What if we are the future soul of these AI machines? This isn’t about THEM becoming sentient, more about us finding a new vehicle of learning that takes us more into our higher selves and less into the physical capitalistic ‘get the job done’ selves, from our ‘doing’ to our ‘being’. Yes, they may take our jobs, but would that be such a bad thing?

If this just flew over your head and you’re wondering ‘What the heck did I just read?’, don’t worry, it’s just pondering and you likely have enough to worry about. Having been a lifelong science fiction fan, I’m always seeking to find the potential over fear, and I thought I’d share that with you.

I had a reply about the above from a friend which is well worth sharing: 

Lots of talk in neuroscience and cognitive psychology about elements of this. AI (which is an abused term and needs therapy), or, more accurately, elements of machine learning have the potential, probably combined with the power of quantum computing (because it sounds cool and futuristic, like flip phones in 1998), to analyse massive multi-variate datasets, like your brain and my (dads) trainset. Therefore the computer will not become sentient but you will be more efficient in your understanding of your sentience, so you are right!

The main point to take from the above is the words YOU ARE RIGHT! – Love being right – me!