Delighted to share that my show at The Front Room in Weston-super-Mare has sold out. This is after the show sold out at the Blakehay Theatre in the same town.

I think I’m onto something with the theme of the show. We’re all feeling some level of emotional exhaustion with everything going on.

I also think that personal development subjects can be taught in too much of an earnest way. I remember thinking whilst working as a senior speaker creator for TEDx Bristol, that some TED talks, rather than making me feel inspired, made me feel a little bit crapper as a human being!

Adding comedy and taking out the element of ‘I’m a speaker, look at my perfect life’ brings it down to earth and ‘audience friendly’. Also, if it’s funny, even if you take no insights from it you had a good time!

More dates will be booked for Burn-out, who knows maybe even Edinburgh festival, watch out Fleabag!