If you work for a Town or Parish council I’d like to invite you to join my monthly newsletter.

You might know me from the training I’ve given over the past four years for the SLCC. I specialise in personal development and communications and created four of the webinars for the Civility and Respect programme.

Here’s some of the feedback I had last week:

  • “Becky is a wonderful tutor and keeps me interested throughout each session she presents.”
  • “Excellent session and very helpful discussion.”
  • “Trainer was extremely good and made it entertaining.”

Council powerhouses that have provided stability and support to their local area. And in 2023 you’ll need to superpower yourself with some serious environmentally friendly rocket fuel and I can do more to support you.

This free monthly newsletter in my normal brand of humour intends to:

  • Build your emotional resilience
  • Give tips on how to deal with challenging people and situations
  • Boost your life force and your vitality

It will:

  • Let you know about the training I have coming up for the SLCC. 
  • Have a ‘How to’ and personal development article bespoke for the sector. You can gain insights yourself or share with a colleague or councillor.
  • Have training video snippets. 
  • ’Ask Becky’ – You can ask a question and (no names mentioned), and a video reply will be in the next newsletter (subject to overwhelm). ‘Ask Becky’ won’t be about anything legal or regulations-based, SLCC has advisors for that.

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