Having worked in theatre as a stage manager for 15 plus years and working with TEDx speakers, I have seen a lot of stage fright! I found that there was one fundamental cause, which is caring what the audience thought of YOU. 

The moment you give that power to the audience, you give them the power to judge you, and you can feel it! 

When you see your role as ‘what can I give to the audience it changes everything. When your focus is the audience they feel that too. 

As Brene Brown says ‘we are hard-wired for connection’. The audience wants to connect with the speaker, but they can’t do that when the speaker is connecting with themselves and their own needs. Free yourself up by being fully connected to ‘giving to the audience’. Your energy, your time, your emotion, your authenticity. That makes an incredible performer, oh, and all speakers need to be performers. You’re super boring if not! 

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