If you have ever felt like you’re not doing enough, or not good enough, or that you do too much, this blog os for you.

My goal in life is to live in between two ‘wet dreams’. Yep, you heard me right, wet dreams.
One wet dream is the night sweats, it’s the terror dream. It can be different for everyone, mine is to be slowly dying, my time for opportunities behind me, knowing that I didn’t live full out, knowing I had so much more to give. Steeped in regret all alone stinking of cats piss. I’m not sure where the cat’s piss came from, I think it goes back to the fear of becoming the old woman on the street who never goes out. Who has a wispy haired chin that she’s too short-sighted and also doesn’t care enough to pluck, who only has a bunch of selfish cats for company, who will one day have to eat her because he died and no-one cared enough to check on her. That thought will give me the cold sweats in the daytime never mind the night time.

The other wet dream is the organism dream, the OMG YES! dream. I’m on stage being super humble but rocking the moment I get the award for activating world peace. I’m getting thank you letters from the peoples whose lives I have changed for the better. I’m standing alone side of some of my heroes, the people I think are awesome and they look at me with adoration in their eyes. The pinch me, no ‘kick me’ now moment.

A life that isn’t balanced comes about from the pendulum swing of thoughts brought about by these two wet dreams. The harder you push towards the life of uniqueness the more you risk losing. We kind of know this, you can’t create anything great without taking some big risks to do so. To remove the limits to your success you must face your biggest fears.
This is why we need to examine and become conscious of our limiting beliefs. We think a limiting belief serves only one purpose which is to hold us back, bringing us towards our cat piss future. Every limiting belief has something in it that turns you on. You’re not stupid you wouldn’t believe in some of the BS you think if it didn’t serve you to do so. The limiting belief keeps you safe from swinging too far into the greatness that others may find objectionable. (Everyone loves an underdog) and you being abandoned.  
For example:

I’m not good enough, smart enough, too old, hopeless, etc so I don’t have to try! Not trying is better than failure. And now I don’t do anything.

The problem then is you become a cat woman and not in a good way. Finding what works for you about the limiting belief means that you can find a way to replace the positive in another way or release it’s not too rosey to live safely.

Find the joy in the risks you take, know you can’t truly mess up for the life of you.