We want to grow, evolve and transform into the best versions of ourselves. It’s as if we will reach a state of nirvana in which we don’t get hurt. When we can stand our ground, not hold ourselves back and give everything we have to give, fearlessly.

I have never found that at the top of the mountain of success. I’ve found it more at the bottom of the mountain. A tumbled soil covered snot-faced mess.
In falling we are humbled, we see clearly what’s important. Your

only job is to hold the space with no sense of shame. If you can do that, you’ll know real gratitude, because everything feels like a miracle. No matter how hard you push for success you don’t operate separately and your success hasn’t got much to do with how you push, but how you flow. We spend most of our time fighting off overwhelm, spinning plates. When they fall to the floor you see the beauty in all the broken parts. With the right loving glue, you rebuild a big plate you don’t have to spin.

The greatest vision of yourself isn’t in your success it’s how to rise after a fall.