A friend of mine said ‘I’m not very spiritual’. It made me ponder exactly what IS it to be spiritual. When I asked her what she meant by being spiritual, she had a clear idea of a demographic of people. They all do yoga, they all light candles, burn incense and practice mindfulness.

This to me isn’t spirituality.

The word spiritual originated within religion. You now might hear lots of people saying ‘I’m spiritual but I’m not religious’. Spirituality has become it Once you had to be a scientist without religion as the two weren’t compatible and scientists were excommunicated from the church. Often now science and spiritual thinkers are found as one in the same person.

If all religions have one common thread that runs through all of them that thread would be love and kindness. To me the definition of spirituality is to view the world through the filter of love and that the action that represents love is kindness.

In this film, I discuss this and how to put spirituality into your life with very little effort.