Speakers/authors from around the world coming together to bring some of their wisdom and ideas to you. How you can make your life feel richer than it already is! Full film staring: Mike Dooley – Author and speaker on film ‘The Secret’ John Purkiss – Author of: Change from within Dr Joe Dispenza – Author of: You are the placebo Becky Walsh – Author of You Do Know Phil Parker – Creator of the Lightening process Pam Grout – Author of: E Squared Anita Moorjani – Author of: Dying to be me Dr David Hamilton – Author of: I heart me Janey Lee Grace – PR media and skills coach Michael Neill – The Inside-Out Revolution Robert Holden – Author of: Lovability Sandy Newbigging – Author of: Mind Calm Jessica Ortner – Author of: The Tapping Solution Lorna Byrne – Author of: Angels In My Hair Nick Williams – Author of: The work we were born to do