What does change take? Courage? Commitment? Time? All of these may be true. Yet real change doesn’t always happen until all of the easier alternatives are blocked and the only way out is up. We change when we have had enough of the way things are.

I got into personal development first because I wanted to change me. The more I learnt, the more I could see the answers for people I was close to. Over time I stopped having real friends as my friends became more like clients. That was until I gave up my career in theatre and did this work full time. I did that, not because of a love of people, or needing them to love me, I did it out of annoyance. I was annoyed that we have such talents for art, music, dance, drama, fun, joy, looking after animals and being good to each other, and yet fear drove us to despicable acts. I wanted to be the antidote to fear. Long job, big ask, and I was well … terrified!

The thing you want to be an answer to is often the thing you struggle with most in your own life. So, wearing my squeaky bum pants on the outside of my trousers, I tried to be a super hero. I’m less of a super hero now. People don’t need to be saved, they need to be woken up to their potential and their own power and talents. That’s now what I use my intuition for.

If we are to impact global change we need a global wake-up call from fear to love. If 2016 was the year of many great people turning their light out, 2017 is the year of many ordinary people turning their light on. The easier alternatives are becoming visually blocked. We know we can’t stay the same, we need change for us and the planet and everything on it.

The shift of consciousness promised by spiritual types in 2012 did start then. It just took longer than expected to take real hold.