You might have had what people call ‘messages from the universe’, also known as ‘another growth opportunity’. Well, I don’t know if you believe in signs, but I do. Even if we make situations fit into our belief structure, life just sometimes acts like a tarot card and points out stuff that perhaps we can’t see for ourselves.

My car got broken into and my satnav was stolen. I know, I shouldn’t have left it in the glove box!

Your intuition acts like a satnav. It won’t give you the end destination, it just gives you the next right move. When we want to feel safe, we want to know where we are going. It feels hard to take the next right move that exists outside of our comfort zone if we don’t think the reward for being brave will be there at the finish line.

Losing the satnav made me think about how I used to use maps. That started me thinking about a lot of the skills that I have learnt over the years that I don’t use anymore. I also realised that I know where most of the places are, even though I was plumbing them into the satnav without thinking. It dawned on me that I have grown, changed and learnt so much since the last time I took a look at myself.

When driving ourselves forward, it’s easy to miss our ever growing greatness, even in the small stuff, that adds to the big stuff. Don’t drive your life on auto pilot, chuck the satnav out of the window and enjoy the journey.