Everyone will experience this at some point in life. Something changes, the end of a job, the end of a relationship, you lose your mojo about what you thought was your dream. You find yourself free-falling. Something has ended and life will never be the same again.

The chances are it’s a good thing; the chances are it’s a cosmic redirection! What kind of spiritual waffle is that?

A cosmic redirection is when you have held on so tightly with your teeth to an idea that you stopped hearing your intuition. It could be an old dream, or a fear of letting something or someone go. It could be because you were stuck in a rut and didn’t notice you had stopped growing. Overwhelm could have shut off your inner guidance and then, from out of nowhere, something steps in and rocks your world. 

So, here are three ways you can know that this is happening to you, and it’s NOT just plain old Sod’s Law!

1 – Something ended, everyone’s rallying around you, yet secretly… you don’t care. You know you should care, and after all, the anger and fear has gone. You just don’t give a monkey’s stuff face.

2 – If you’re honest you have been living in la la land and not in a good way. You’ve been delusional and dreamlike and now this has happened, you’re fully awake. 

3 – Everything is empty, almost meaningless. You may become ill, with sweating, being sick, runny bum, in fact anything that is a ‘purging’ of sorts. You also yawn those jaw-breaking yawns, too.

Try to be ok with the blank canvas. Something is coming, you just have to be willing to let go of everything you thought was important in order to be free for what may emerge.

Come and speak to me, when you find your feet again.