We are all a bit wonky! No-one is symmetrical. Many of us have scoliosis, which is a curve in the spine that isn’t conducive to natural comfort and standing fully straight! However, a few people have found that one side of their body is weaker or just simply feels weird!

I discovered this when a client came to see me about ten years ago with this problem. She had been to see chiropractors, osteopaths and doctors. No one could understand why one side of her body was fine and the other was just not thriving. She wanted me to tune in intuitively to see what was going on.

Since then, I have had a number of clients with this problem. The last one was this week. It is unusual, but I’m guessing many people have this problem. It seems to be that when you are forced into working creatively when you’re more academic, or working academically when you’re more creative, the opposite side of the body to the predominant brain hemisphere being used gets out of balance. It’s an energy imbalance.

I’m not saying I fully understand this, yet I have found that a simple bit of energy adjustment fixes the problem. The client I had this week tested the change after the adjustment by doing the ‘plank’ pose, something she had been trying to do in yoga classes and hadn’t been able to.

I’ve written this blog for people who are experiencing this, that might type into a search engine looking for answers. Know that you are not alone. The cause may be individual to you, so pop me an email becky@beckywalsh.com and I’ll do what I can to help.