If you were to look back on your life, with a magic wand in hand, would you change any of your past mistakes? Being a sci-fi fan, of course, I would worry about the ripples in space and time! However, I wouldn’t change anything for another reason, my muff-ups made me who I am. Yet, when it comes to wanting to follow your intuition, many people want to use intuition to follow the ‘right’ path.

It is commonly believed that intuition is a way to avoid pain. It’s not a case of avoiding the ‘wrong’ decisions, because we learn from the wrong decisions. In fact, sometimes your intuition will guide you towards situations that DON’T work out! These situations become inoculations in our lives. They grow our emotional resilience and strength, they allow us to let go of something that is maybe holding us back, or learn something that will drive us forward. When you realise this it shifts your perspective on the idea of a ‘wrong’ decision. You realise that there isn’t a wrong decision, just learning, growing and resilience curves. That’s if you have the luxury to view them in that way. This sounds like it’s making the ‘best of things’. Yet it’s more than that, it’s about finding a growth solution from every situation. Often that takes a large lump of hindsight!

People ask me all the time, what is the right decision or what am I meant to be doing? As if there is some guidance outside of them that has a plan for them. Often this is called ‘The universe’. It would be a pretty hard consciousness if its job was to have a plan for you, and your job was to try to spend your life working out what that plan is. I believe in free will, and if it is a ‘friendly’ universe, which I believe it is, it is supportive not directive.

In all of this, if you want to follow your intuition you have to have one belief. It is vital that you can trust yourself. Trust WILL find a solution, for every single ‘wrong’ decision. That will make you a match for your dreams.