If 2016 taught us anything, it taught us to always expect the unexpected! How can we do that? With your intuition!

Never ignore a bad feeling in your belly. Put it down to your imagination at your peril. Often what stops people acting on their intuition is a fear of looking stupid and a fear of insulting other people. It’s often hard to say no, when you can’t justify why not. Hind sight is 20/20, best not to need to use it. 

Excited feelings about new directions are worth a follow. For example, as you’re driving past a road and you get a pull from your chest to turn. I’ve found many a good short cut that way. Those impulses also happen with life opportunities. Jump into yes, before your brain clicks in with reasons not to. 

Curiosity is the key to intuition. It opens the information and makes it clearer.

If you do get a bad feeling, become curious as you’ll open your intuition and know if it’s a real warning or just your fear talking!

Happy 2017! Let this be your year!