What makes my mind different?
We don’t all think the same. In the same way that we are physically different on the outside the same is true for the inside. When I hear people say they are sceptical about intuition, it’s because their brain doesn’t work the same as mine. So let me give you some insight into how my brain works so you have a greater understanding of how the skills I have can be of use to you.

One of the things that makes a mind highly intuitive is dyslexia.

In the book The dyslexic advantage authors Dr Brock L. Eide & Dr Fernette F. Eide say:

“Non-dyslexic brains often excel at applying rules and procedures in an expert and efficient manner. Dyslexic brains often excel at finding “best fits” or at ad hoc problem solving.

Non-dyslexic brains often excel at finding primary meanings and correct answers. Dyslexic brains often excel at spotting interesting associations and relationships.

Non-dyslexic brains often excel at spotting the differences and distinctions between things. Dyslexic brains often excel at recognising the similarities.

Non-dyslexic brains display the order, stability, and efficiency of train tracks, well-organised filing cabinets, sequential narratives, or logical chains or reasoning. Dyslexic brains store information like murals or stained glass, connect ideas like spider’s webs or hyperlinks, and move from one thought to another like ripples spreading over a pond.”


What these skills mean in a consultation is that I can see whole pictures of your life. I can see fits in relationship dynamics (and the lack of them). I can fit a career to a life’s purpose. I can put the fragments of your life into a frame work that allows you to see them completely and move forward confidently.

Dyslexics have right hemisphere skills in the brain, yet lack skills in the left. The right hemisphere of the brain controls the aesthetic, feeling and creative. The left hemisphere takes care of logic, analysis and language.

As an example of this, buying a motorcycle will highlight the differences in how people’s lives are affected depending on whether they are predominantly right or left brained thinkers. A person who is predominantly a left brain thinker would appreciate the mechanics and the performance of the motorcycle. Whereas a right brained thinker will be influenced by the shape, colour and overall beauty of the machine. The left hemisphere sees the motorcycle in parts, with the right brain seeing it as a whole.

The right hemisphere of the brain is also where our intuition comes from. A baby girl will gaze into their mother’s eyes very soon in their development. They are looking for subtle clues about the world around them by looking at their mother’s reaction and interpreting it. Baby boys have a slower development as their brain has testosterone, which makes them want to experience the world for themselves. Understanding this goes someway to explain why intuition has been seen to be mostly a female gift. My female clients often wish their male partners would come to see me for a consultation. They tell me, he won’t come because he is sceptical, this page is mostly written for those men, as it is often they who don’t have natural intuition, that need to see me the most. Women need to see me when they are blocked at being able to see for themselves.

So as well as being able to see the whole picture of your life, I can also see where blocks and ideas originated intuitively.

I am also what is known as an I-strength dyslexic, which means I have an interdisciplinary rather than a specialized approach when take on problems or when teaching. I even have an interdisciplinary studies degree from California institute of integral studies. I am a multiple specialist in self-development, spirituality, business, performance, community and global issues, which is priceless if you want someone who can look at you and your life as a whole. I see the whole story and the relationship connections in a way that is unique to I-strength dyslexics.

I peal back layers, make connections and don’t stop until I reveal what was hiding in plain sight, making most of my clients think ‘why didn’t I notice that before?’

In addition to this I have a love of psychology. I have read many books in the self-development field, from psychotherapy, parapsychology, how the mind works and life coaching. Of course I decided not to get a qualification in these as I felt it was important to be able to use all skills and not be labelled with some else’s methodology. Instead over the years of being in practice I have created my own. My method is to believe that all people are unique, no method could possibly fit everyone and that the best method is to listen. I don’t mean just to what a client is saying, but the space even in between the words. To sit in the company of someone who can really hear you on multiple levels of knowing is healing in itself. But then to have that person create clarity when you’re in a fog is what I excel at. I am the catalyst that turns the light back on behind your eyes which allows the fog to clear.

I read people, emotionally, spiritually, physically and physiologically using intuition. Using my expansive tool box of skills from my learning, I then set about giving you what you need to know to make your next moves.

Intuition can be felt in the body (somatic) the mind, the emotions and even the spirit. I feel mine most in the mind, body and emotions, this is known as being a ‘sensitive’. I am sensitive to the world around me. As everything that exists is described in science as having a frequency of vibration, I hear those frequencies as if they were audible music to everyone else’s ears. It’s as if every human has a theme tune and I am able to hear if their tune is in or out of harmony with different aspects of their life and the tunes of the people around them. The way my mind works allows me to interpret these sounds into pictures and ideas that are practical for the client.

It’s not paranormal; it’s just a brain abnormality and a passion for understanding people, a very useful brain abnormality at that.

If we stopped thinking of psychic ability as ‘special power’s and all mystical’, I believe neuroscience would prove that the brain works in different ways for different people, and as in the film ‘Rainman’ some people have a skill for remembering dates and numbers, some have a skill for intuitive knowing.