dejavu1.1I’d like to rant to you about advertising, and face creams and the sense that anything old is past it and young is great. Even though we secretly all know we were a bit of a twat in our youth. I’d hate to be young now and fear getting old, with all these ritual beauty standards. In fact I would like to go back and tell my younger self a whole load of stuff about having fun and not worrying. I wouldn’t start with ‘wear sunscreen’.
But I’m not going to rant about that. Instead I want to encourage you to ignore all the stuff that is telling you to buy lotions and potions to make you look better.

I want you to think about being an ambassador for ageing.

Firstly you don’t have a choice, I mean you do, but you don’t want the alternative! You can love yourself as you move through your life or you can hold onto anything that will slow ageing and worry about those wrinkles thus causing more wrinkles.

Attraction isn’t about what you look like; it’s a glint that you have in your eyes. Beauty is vitality, a love of life and a shine about you. Every line on your face tells the story of your life. I once heard the saying, ‘you grow into the face you deserve’. That might sound harsh but your personality does show in your face as you get older.

I do believe that the way you feel about yourself has an impact on your cells and your body as a whole.

I don’t think polluting your skin with too many products is healthy either. But above all the message in this blog is to love how you are now and love your life. The more you look up at the tops of the trees and not the cracks on the pavement (or your face!) the more joy you have and the more happiness shows on your face. The more attractive you are.

The happy carefree people are the attractive people. Youth is overrated.