It’s ten years since the 7 July London bombings of 2005. There were a series of coordinated suicide bomb attacks in central London that day. Lives were lost and lives changed beyond recognition that day.

I was living in London at the time and working from home that day. The first I heard of it was getting a call from one of my students Amisha. You’ll see the video of my interview with her and I’m sure you will agree, she is a delightful woman who you would bottle if you could and keep her preserved just the way she is. Well in fact over the past 10 years, she hasn’t changed a bit!

Amisha was on the train that a bomb explode on soon after leaving Kings Cross station. She called me as soon as she got out of the station to thank me for the classes in intuition. She believed she was really meant to be on that train, which is a kind of odd thing to say. She had just jumped on as the door was closing. After the bomb people were screaming and there was no lighting and the smoke was getting thinker, she said she just knew she was going to be fine and that she was there for the other people.

So she calmed people down, and gave reiki healing. Before she knew it her carriage was making plans and being very orderly and calm. If she hadn’t got the skill of intuition, she might have been freaking out like everyone else.

This is a difficult thing to write with the full awareness of other people not being so lucky. But if you want to know why I am so passionate about teaching people how to use their intuition and why I wrote ‘You Do Know – learning to act on intuition INSTANTLY!’, this is why. I’m not saying Amisha was seeing into the future. But she moved down the station platform away from the danger on a feeling. That feeling could be sensing the emotions of the person with ill intent. How ever you care to explain it, being awake intuitively to what’s going on around you, is one thing you can take from this blog. The other is the power of turning what ever you face into a blessing. Again, with full respect to those not as lucky as Amisha.