Foggy thinking and lack of clarity can cause blocks in creativity, of formulating ideas and problem solving. Clarity is a stress busting state of being. With clarity we can move faster and feel like we are living at altitude looking down on our life with the perspective of knowing the next right move.
We might all like a looking glass into the future, but sometimes fears in the present fog up thinking, so we can’t see what is likely obvious and would smack us in the face with clarity if we would only let go and let it.

This is why I believe in the catnap!

Over thinking can be the worst way to come up with answers. There are multiple ways in which we know what we know and the thoughts in our head are likely to tell us what we already know, with no room for new or inspiring insights to download.

In fact our body is a holder of information and insight, with a brain in the heart, the gut and, new research coming out, even in the genitals! These are real brains, like the one in your head. So our local mind doesn’t hold all of the answers.

By taking a catnap not only does it give the subconscious mind the opportunity to process the random thoughts that might fog up our thinking, but it also allow all of the parts of the self to rest and filter through the intuition’s inner knowledge.

Often after a catnap we have the answer in less time than it would have taken to weigh up the pros and cons of any situation.

This is why people say ‘sleep on it’ – it’s not just a case of the answers presenting themselves in time, but also to allow one’s self to connect with what is true on a much deeper level.

So enjoy a little snooze, even if it’s just to close your eyes a while on public transport, from space much clarity can be found.