Albert Einstein once said

“The problems that face us cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them. What we need is a shift in consciousness”.

I believe we are at the point of a real shift of consciousness. I am inspired and excited by it. As humans we have created some amazing achievements, but I feel we may have lost along the way, our real job – to be caretakers of the earth. Religion may have told us that everything was put on earth for us, but I believe we have a responsibility to also be in the service of everything on the earth. 

Compartmentalised thinking has created chaos in our environment. We need to shift away from thinking in separate sections to thinking holistically. So, how did we get to this point where we have lost our intuitive nature to be in connection with the earth to the point of disconnection?

The dynamic energy we have been living under could be described as male: doing, fixing, sorting and achieving. Where as female energy is more passive concerned with stillness and being.

This has little to do with being a man or a woman. How many doing, fixing, sorting and achieving women do you know? Yep – quite a few I’m sure.

However, the predominance of compartmentalised thinking is, in men, due to testosterone. Men’s bodies generate more than twenty times more testosterone than women’s. Baby boys are less likely to gaze into their mothers eyes and look for clues about the world than their female counter parts. They are more likely to be driven by experience as their learning and interaction with the world. Just as traditionally men have required the focus for hunting, women have needed ‘eyes in the back of their head’ for mothering.

But it’s not only testosterone that has an influence on how boys learn. A study by Jack van Honk of the University of Cape Town suggests that ‘normal’ women become less trusting when they are given doses of testosterone.

He asked women to rate pictures of faces as less trustworthy after they were given testosterone compared with when they received a placebo. Men are often seen to be more competitive then women. It looks like testosterone is the key to this difference in the sex’s. Could this also by why men are seen to be more aggressive then women?

The Dali Lama once said “It will be a western woman who saves the world”. I know we are stepping into a time when male dominance is subsiding and female energy is rising up. We know our vision needs to become more intuitive and we need to see situations as a whole rather than the sum of their parts. Women as mothers have always done this.

If there is one single voice that needs to be heard at this time of conscious revolution, it is that of the woman. At least with regard to balancing that of men.

This shift in consciousness is widely recognised to be the shift from the masculine to the feminine.

As a female speaker in the UK, I have observed my female American counterparts being brought over from the US –  they have no issue with raising their profile in a female to female friendly country. I know because I lived there! American women support female voices and view them as equal to the men. Women in the UK will go to watch and be inspired by men, but they are not being given the opportunity to discover new female talented British speakers, as the venues are not risking low ticket sales. This can often mean that UK female speakers are being over looked.

Put this down to sour grapes, jealousy, my own manifestation or whatever you like but I believe I have a choice to speak as I find or remain silent. A shift of consciousness starts with being conscious in the first place. I’m not saying poor me, I’m saying poor us! If we can’t have equal men and women in the spiritual arena then what are we doing there? You are part of the solution to the problem – otherwise it is just a bunch of people talking about the problem, whilst doing nothing more than talking!

This is an invitation for female positive role models for intelligent thinking women to please stand-up and shift this male dominated  rather frustrating situation. It only takes one, and the rest will follow! Let’s not focus on the problem, but seek to find a solution.