When someone is attracted to you, they will often mirror your movements, usually while keeping eye contact. This extra interest displayed is normally a sign of attraction. They may also hold your gaze longer than is polite or considered normal, perhaps with rapid blinking, dilated pupils or arched eyebrows.However, be warned! If you are talking about something that is personally interesting to them, they will also pay you this kind of attention, especially if you are being complimentary. It can also be a sign that they have been trained to a stage three listener level, as found with a therapist or life coach. Most people listen to conversations at a stage one level, which involves listening for what will affect them in some way, or be about them.
A good example of that is: “I read this great book about India.” – “Oh, I’ve been to India”. A stage two listener conversation might be: “I read this great book about India.” – “Oh, really, what did it say? Why was it great?” At stage three, when the first person says, “I read this great book about India,” the listener is absorbing the whole person. This includes body movements and the tone of what is being said, as well as looking for what’s not being said and remaining completely engaged. It’s easy to think this person sees you as being the centre of their universe. This full attention is what we all crave and its totally sexy!
Some other signs of sexual listening you may see: playing with their hair (or if they touch your hair at any time – this is definitely a sexual gesture); any extra mouth movement; licking or biting lips; smiling a lot and puckering up of lips. Women may move shoulders back to allow the breasts to look fuller. Legs and feet pointing in your direction, and also leaning forward towards you are all positive signs. You might notice touching by accident, for example, hands brushing each other when walking side by side, Conversation speed will match your own, Increased laughter and asking questions of a personal nature, or asking your point of view on issues.
So there are different reasons for such attention being given: because they are in love, or trained for this kind of absorbed listening, or they want you to love them and are profoundly insecure. The way to know the difference is twofold: through your intuition, and by giving this attention right back. If they shy away, it’s likely they’re coming from a non-Love place. If they match it…Hold on to your hat, you are likely in for a very intuitive sexual partner!