Our happiness is often created by what we make events mean. I positive person can turn even a difficult event into something to be thankful for and a negative person will put a negative spin even on good events. In the same way that for a sceptic no proof will ever be enough and for a believer no proof is needed. Every one of us will create our lives down to our own unique version of reality. There is nothing wrong with making it up as we go along. But a white lie within the make believe can often leave you feeling fragmented.
In the past few weeks I have become more aware of the things I let myself get away with. Knowing behaviours might not be in my greatest good, but justifying them with being busy, or allowing a stop gap whilst I wait for the right thing. I decided to get really honest with myself and remove everything in my life that wasn’t working. All the things I am ‘making do’ with. So partly this meant spending some birthday money on a new kettle and some non-stick pans! But it also meant rearranging some habit formed relationships and getting very honest about what I do want and not putting up with second best behaviour from myself and others.

It’s been an interesting time. It was scary, as the first thing I had to do was a cold hard look at myself. Not in a judgemental way, but in the same way a child tries to get away with stuff, it’s kind of cute, but you have to tell them for their own good. The final result of all of that clearing, is feeling really authentic, clean and on purpose.

Spring isn’t just for cleaning the house, it’s time to get down to the emotional dump and have a good old rummage round in the store cupboard of excuses. Chuck them out, you’ll feel lighter for it.