When professionalism reaches crazy heights
I’ve been seeing clients now for around 15 years. I love my job; there is nothing greater than seeing a light bulb moment of realisation in another human being. If I’m also honest, I have had a whole load of light bulb moments in the presence of my clients. Often hidden, but sometimes something is said and I wonder why I hadn’t realised that very same thing for myself. One thing I never really talk about is the slightly weird, scary or funny things that happen. Most of the tales I am giving you here happened a very long time ago. But they stay in your mind and sometimes at dinner parties I share them. So here for you are my top five things that have taken my work out of my comfort zone.

  1. My first and last migraine, I slowly lost slight in my right eye, and then lost sight in my left eye, no head pain, just no vision. I was sat giving a consultation for a client and I didn’t miss a beat in what I was saying and  I didn’t let on that I had just turned completely blind, just had to say ‘you’re OK finding your own way out?’ After they left I closed my eyes as I knew I had five minutes before the next client, and tried to work out what to do. When I opened my eyes again I could see. If my next client had come in with a limp, I might have tried making her walk! It was a miracle!
  2. Male clients who when I asked ‘Do you have any final questions?’ he said ‘Yes, why have I been obsessed by your breasts for the last hour?’ Without missing a beat, I said ‘Because you weren’t breast fed as a baby and I am nurturing you like a mother.’ Pulled that one out of my socks, but it was spot on!
  3. Psychotic paranoid person came to see me after hours when no-one else was in the building, took her chair moved it in front of the door blocking my exit and properly turned a bit nuts. I talked her round by being a bit nuts myself and saying that the angels were talking to be and I couldn’t hear them whist she was in the room and she left. I called a friend who had to help me get out of the building as she was waiting for me outside. Before you think ‘how come you didn’t know…’ well I no longer book appointments via text that’s for sure!
  4. A Paedophile client who was about to go to prison wanted me to ‘tune into’ his child sex abuse to see if the children thought it was abuse. Whenever I said something he didn’t like, he used EFT to take away the negative emotions what I said was causing. A great lesson in keeping your own judgement out of your practice.
  5. Gay male client who spent the whole session while we were talking about his boyfriend thinking about having sex with me. When I called him on it, he said he had done this to hundreds of intuitive people and no-one else picked up on it. I put to him perhaps I’m just the only one brave enough to talk to him about it! An interesting and uncomfortable test of my ability!

I have an amazing job, a real privileged to be able to connect with the condition known as human. I just wanted to share some of these with you, as often when people come to see me, they say ‘I’d like to talk about relationships, but I guess you get that all the time.’ There is no common reason people come to see me, and the above is quite diverse!