It was lovely to be quoted in The Sunday Times In Style Magazine article: Chakras and the City (27/4/14) By Fleur Britten. The article was about how top business people are now consulting more esoteric kind of practitioners guided by the lovely
“Spiritual health is no longer the preserve of dippy hippies and trustafarians — now even captains of industry are worried about their soul. We meet a woman who can help.”

The truth is in my experience they always did! The change that has happened is that it is becoming acceptable to talk about it. In the past with my clients we would often joke about what their work colleagues and even their husbands or wives would think about them coming to see me. Word of mouth recommendations was done in a whisper over the back of a hand pressed to the cheek. Now I come into the conversation classed along with ‘my personal yoga teacher, my coach, my accountant and my PA’. I am now part of a person’s success team. We no longer see our professional work as being separate from us; we are learning to show up as our authentic selves in all aspects of life. We see this in personal branding, however it begs you to ask the question ‘who am I?’ That is where people like me step into the arena in personal self-development. We help point people who have been focused on the external world where to look in the internal world. It often throws up where their driving force in business comes from.

One of my most successful clients is running a programme from childhood of ‘I’ll show you!’ He is dyslexic and was over looked as lazy and stupid as a child, so he decided ‘when I am a grown up, I will show you! (Richard Branson maybe running a similar programme.) The problem only comes, when you did ‘show them’ and it didn’t make you happy in the way you thought it would. You build bigger dreams and burn yourself out trying to make an even bigger point to a world. But the world isn’t clapping as you go higher on the swing! In the case of this particular client, he came to see me because his wife didn’t appreciate him. Yet how could her love, attention or appreciation cover for the deficit which caused his need for that kind of attention. You might think finding out about your programmed drives is painful, yet in my experience with clients, getting to the root of the problem is such a relief as the symptoms drop away and you have clarity behind your own actions.

Another reason why people are stepping into the light in big business and embracing some spiritual ideals is because we are losing the idea that you have to be broke, to be spiritual. Author J.K Rowling has done more volume of good, impacting more lives with her money than Mother Teresa, yet Mother Teresa will always be classed as the more spiritual of the two. Money gives you the freedom to do more in the world. I’d rather money is in the hands of a kind heart than an arms or drugs dealer, yet the kind heart believes there is nobility in struggle. Believe me, there is no nobility in struggle!

It’s exciting times and I am delighted to have been included in an article that pin points some of the changes needed in an out of paradigm dog it dog world.