So there I was flying directly and enthusiastically into the blue light. Not quite the light of enlightenment, but the perceived light of personal change. I heard the talk, danced and meditated when asked, questioned my inner being, got told to stand in my power. I flew directly into the blue light that they promised when they said ‘you can do it, I love you’. I flew enthusiastically into the blue light that radiated from their message that I too one day, could step into my power, I could one day be just like them, a keeper of the light to radiate into a dark world. As I flew enthusiastically into blue electric light and with a bang I was a fried bug.
Lying for a moment, wing side down, as the shock ran through me. The odd judder of wings as I thought, I must be mistaken; it must be that there is something wrong with me! Am I not good enough to be in the light? Did the light reject me?

Taking a moment I stretched out my wings, and looked to assess the damage. Stuck by the multi-colours I had never fully seen before, I realised I am not blue! I am a butterfly of many colours, this blue light is a lesson and not a destination. Out across the fields, I could see where I belong, out with the many flowers, flying and touching each one with an open heart. I don’t have to shine light, I love with touch!

A little fun story if you ever feel like you’re having a spiritual melt down and you look up to those you think have it all sorted out. Find your own wings, and don’t beat yourself up by thinking yours aren’t as good as someone elses.