We might all be guilty of this a little bit. It might be the day dream of winning the lottery or a daydream of a perfect partner. It’s a daydream of something that will happen one day, which stops you making an action in the here and now.
There is a row of houses near where I live, that I walk past when out walking the dog. I look at them and think ‘one day, I’ll own a house on this Road’. This little feeling of longing comes with a sigh. Then one day I thought ‘What am I doing to make this happen?’ Sod all, I realised.

Day dreams are beautiful and it is through our creative imagination that we manifest our lives. Yet the law of attraction isn’t going to work for you if you sit back and do nothing about it.

Sometimes the day dream is so lovely; it’s nicer than getting what we are dreaming about. For example, to have a house in my fantasy Road, I’d have to be earning enough to pay its mortgage. Of course the house could just be gifted, but coming up with a killer business idea would be the best way to do that. So is my fear of the responsibility of the mortgage payments on the house bigger than my fantasy of living in it, you bet!

So what’s the difference between me and the people who live there?

Level of expectation based on level of personal belief. If I grew up in a middle class home, it would be my expectation that I would have a job that pays for that house, because that’s what my parents did and my entire friend’s families. That wasn’t my experience growing up so I haven’t built belief in myself based on this expectation evidence.

The education leap to get what you want in anyway in life is the belief you can make it happen, and the movement towards the method. The leap is only as far as you can imagine when you stop day dreaming ad start the road into making it happen.