A short story of the dance between the masculine and feminine take from the view of a woman’s life journey. 

Taken from ‘Intuitive Lovers‘ By Becky Walsh

The natural tendency for a man is to be a hunter. We see this in the sport they like to play and watch. We see this in the way they view maidens and how they hunt them down on a Friday and Saturday night in packs. Maidens are often Deer like, big eyes and smooth faces. Open to the world. The hunter hunts the Deer with the bow and arrow. She knows this bow is the same as cupids bow, once struck by the arrow; life will never be the same again. Cupid is often depicted as a baby; this is because it is Mother Nature who wants the maiden to become struck by the arrow. This arrow has a poison that makes her mind go gooey; it becomes full of endorphins that make it impossible for her to concentrate on anything but the possible union and connection with the hunter. For cupid, his job for Mother Nature is procreation of humans. So he warns her by being depicted as a baby. Many maidens run from the arrow and so the natural chase between the hunter and the Deer begins.
Some Deer’s fall, and although the hunter will delight in devouring them and their rebirth into a stronger woman, he may carry on with the chase. Some Deer’s are desperate for the dizzy delight of love and will lie down joined by the weaker hunter who will not draw his bow. But if he doesn’t pierce her heart she will not stay with him. Some join in a divine union between the masculine hunter and the feminine Deer and stay in a balance of those polarities together.
In time things change for the hunter and the hunted. The Deer becomes wise and at this point she leaves her maiden years and becomes mother. Not all Deer’s have fawns, or have found their hunter. In the mother years the Deer has another choice, to become extraordinary, or to wish back for her maiden years with crazy face creams to bring back her big eyes and smooth face. She may long for the days when she didn’t even know how powerful she was when the hunter chased her and the potential of a pierced heart was always round the next tree stump. At this time from the maiden to mother many Deer’s stop running and start chasing. ‘Take me, pierce me, choose me, with your arrow, I was wrong to run all this time’. It’s not always because she wants to be a mother, but she logs for the divine union she has tasted but isn’t living the dance between the masculine and feminine energy. However time often can make the Deer the hunter and she stands proud with the other hunters, who dance with her as men can dance with each other. Others lie down and wonder why time after time the same thing happens, the hunter lies with her, but doesn’t pierce her heart. The hunter, still wants the feeling of conquest of a magnificent prize, some keep chasing hoping to bag a prize much younger than possible to truly keep. Some are not so interested in the running after fulfilment anymore. The young Deer gave good chase, but untimely didn’t satisfy him, when caught, it just wasn’t enough.
But wait, there is something in the trees, mystical and mythical; the braches move to reveal a white Stag. Female in energy, the Stag isn’t a hunter, but sort after by the male energy of the hunter as a winning prize. She doesn’t run, she holds her ground, and with a tempting majestic flick of the head she glides off into the trees. The chase is on. But her majesty has bewitched the hunters; they drop their bows and just run after her. The fittest and the most worthy is in the lead. Weaker men drop away as her power feels hopeless to them. In the clearing the white Stag has stopped. She drinks from the water of pure emotion. The hunter exhausted from his chase, does the same, and in that moment the hunter merges with the white Stag and becomes Herne the God of the forest. The hunter rides the Stag. She is the goddess, and he knows that she may lock horns with him and she may throw him off her back if he doesn’t serve her in the way she demands. But the Goddess knows that they are a match. She opens to him and allows him to ride her feminine divinity as a reward for his service. Herne’s service to her is to always keep her warm with his love, to be her protector and her support. His role in her life is to give his greatest gifts to the union and to the world, so she may look upon him as her God. He must let the other Deer’s run, he may chase as she knows he wouldn’t ever choose another over her divinity, but if he ever draws his bow, she will cut off his head. They balance the male and female roles in a unique dance of both coming from the best of themselves. They allow each other majesty to grace the world, as equals they feel no jealously for she has the night and he has the day.