When we describe something as life changing, I think we don’t fully take on board what that actually means.
From one decision to make a change, your life changes, even before you do anything physical to make that change happen. It’s at moments of transformation, when you really get the evidence that you create your life.

Two things dynamics often pop up at the same time when a fundamental realisation happens. Outside world’s resistance to the change and from out of no-where aid and support. I made a decision to allow myself to be valued. You see I am the most comfortable doing things for others. From this decision amazing things happened, I found things on the street I needed, someone else’s trash was my treasure. I got a refund of money, and offer of two free events and free training. Just wonderful kindness too and offers of support. Yet at the same time there was an upsurge of suck trying to attach itself to my energy/time nipple! It was almost as if my conviction to the change was being tested. I hadn’t changed anything in my external world, just made a decision I now needed to stick to. Change is hard, but the rewards are great, and once you have had a realisation that something about you is letting you down, change or be dammed!

I know you know about thinking positive. We know that how we feel about things is what we attract. Yet it is human to want to fix situations, analyse and worry about them. We love to fix a problem and that emotional rush that solution gives us. Every step you make towards positive thinking creates a positive reaction. Even if most of the day you are wrapped in a blanket of worry that seems so tight you don’t know how to get out of it, spend some time in positive day dream. Especially before falling asleep so you’re sub-conscious can keep animating that positivity in your dreams. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t sustain an ‘attitude of gratitude’. Just make a commitment to set aside sometime when you can allow positive feelings to flow, and watch how it does change your world.

I of course specialise in breakthrough moments for clients. When you can’t see what the change needs to be, but you know something needs to give, that’s what I am here for. But I think having just been through a massive shift myself, I need to take more time to explain, what it really means to have a life changing consultation!