In the UK we seem to value the underdog a lot more than in other cultures. If a woman is funny or cute we might let them get away with it. However, if you shine too brightly the British press are often after your feminine balls with a set of fluffy pink pinking shears. We can all agree the system hasn’t been working for women for a long time. We need female leaders to inspire young female leaders in many different arenas. Being the best of yourself and doing a great job can be tougher than sitting in a horrid situation trying to make the best of it. Yet over time the latter will have a greater impact on your health.
This is not a ‘women are better than men thing’ it’s a UK women are crap at creating ‘sisterhood’ like they have in the US. If you don’t believe me take a look at any of the spiritual speaking arena in the UK  and look to see how many female speakers there are to men, and then how many of the women are not British!

So if you’re one of those women who were just born to shake the tree, but you don’t fancy the downpour of rotten apples, here’s how to arm yourself for revolution.

  1. Have a small pocket of amazing friends, who are supportive. Nurture them, and allow them to nurture you.
  2. Look after yourself first and foremost. If you are to enter into battle for truth, justice and a decent night’s sleep, then you need to be fit.
  3. Have a secret something you keep to yourself that no-one else knows about. Maybe a fantasy escape plan. Perhaps a part of the city or the country you go to when enough is enough. Have something special only you know about.
  4. Know the most interesting people are the quirky odd balls. But a quirky odd ball trying to be normal is a weirdo.  Be yourself.
  5. You are never bigger than your message. So don’t get in your own way. You can never do anything alone; your tribe will find you.
  6. Support other women, don’t back bite or be jealous.

It’s about time that all people felt empowered to be their full selves, and if not now… then when?

Let’s get deva difficult in all the right ways. :)