Stuff resolutions for 2014, how about getting in touch with what makes you feel alive!
Our lives can become filled with an ongoing conveyer belt of things we need to do. We believe that when we get to the end of the luggage belt of jobs we can then take some time off and be happy. The problem is however that we spent so long solving problems and getting things done that when we have free time, we don’t know what to do with it as we have forgotten what makes us happy.
Here are three questions to keep you in touch with what you love in 2014.
1. What makes you like yourself the most?

I don’t mean what do you enjoy or what do you like, I mean what makes you like YOU! I enjoy chocolate, but it doesn’t make me like myself and I hate the gym, but the gym does make me like myself. What are you doing when you like yourself the most?

2. If you could do anything with tomorrow how would you spend the day?

You have the money for it and you couldn’t possibly fail what would it be? Could you put this into your life in 2014?

3. In whose company do you most feel yourself? Make a list of the people who make you love yourself in their company.

Ever found yourself making more time for the people you don’t feel close to and the ones you do get less time? Well time to make a switch, try and spend more time with the people who make you like yourself in 2014.

I just want to say thank you so much for your support in 2013, it means the world to be that you read my blog. Have a wonderful 2014!