tubeThere are some people who walk around will mirrors stuck to their forehead, metaphorically speaking of course.
These people are challenging to be around.

They tell you who they think you are and if you’re not willing to hear it you might find yourself disliking them. They don’t mean to call you out, they just can’t help it. It’s like their truth just falls out of them, they have no control, like having  tourettes for honesty.

At work they are the one that stand up for justice and the underdog, yet often find themselves sacked without so much as a sorry you’re leaving card from the team. They have short lived relationships often with people who are emotionally in pain. They call out the brilliance of their partner and make the shine off the back of a broken heart or other drop in esteem, only to watch them fly into another’s arms when their wings have been mended.

It can feel like they are alone as if something is wrong with them.

These people witness humanity and are here to wake people up. Their talents can become a curse in their own lives as they never feel like they quite fit in. They get to witness so much beauty in the world and in others but feel they have no-one to share it with.

The shift happens for them when they stop looking for what is in it for them.  When they stop wishing to lose their sight in order to fit in. They stop feeling alone when they connect to their own authentic nature as often they haven’t a clue who they are whilst being very clear about who everyone else is!

When they finally say ‘bring on the happiness’ I’m done with trying to be meaningful, as joy is really the only thing that has any meaning.