Do you believe fear is holding you back from doing something you would love to do?
Well guess what, it’s not! Fear isn’t holding you back, but the perception that fear is a bad thing is what is really holding you back. Ok I get it fear sucks; it makes you feel weird and your tummy goes tight. We associate fear with some really bad things, the ‘I got home ok’ call that doesn’t come, finding a foreboding lump, losing your job when you have kids to feed. We fear things that often haven’t and might never happen.

When it comes to living your dreams we fear success, failure and looking stupid. Fear is normal; it tells us that what we are doing matters. It tells us when we are being too independent and it tells us when we don’t have all the chocolate chips to really bake this cookie. Yet I keep hearing from my clients and callers into my Hay House radio show that they what to lose the fear. You will never be clear of fear for any great undertaking you ever do; the trick is to do it anyway. The emotional rewards and personal transformation would not be possible without the existence of the fear in the first place.

This isn’t the same kind of life threatening losing a loved one fear. Yet it is being treated in the same way.

A life without fear isn’t worth living.

When I wake up in the morning, I love the days when I remember what I have to do during the day and my insides turn over. The difference between jumping out of bed with the feeling and pulling the duvet over your head, is that of perception. I twist the perception of that fear until it turns blue and transforms into excitement. In reality there isn’t much difference between the feelings of fear and excitement. It is simply the word you give the sensations. Real fear to me is when you feel it on your skin, your hair stands on end and seconds feel like an eternity. I’ve had this a few times in my life, when a gun was pulled on me, pulling a boyfriend out of a crack den, fighting off an attacker and the phone call from my mother ‘we have been in a car crash and the line went dead’. It’s not a fun feeling and no way on earth could I twist that to one of excitement.

But if your fear of living your dreams is holding you back, my advice is to buy a box set of your favourite TV soap, buy a bumper box of tea and sit until your brain drips out of your ears. Now that’s a terrifying thought!