Yesterday afternoon (Thursday) the researcher for 4thought, called me. We have had lots of conversations over the past two weeks about how I believe intuition could be the key to many of the problems humanity faces. I’ve been really excited about being given some air time on channel 4 to put these views out into a greater audience. Filming was due to start tomorrow (Saturday) As an author this kind of exposure could make my book ‘You Do Know’ into a best seller. In this call she said ‘This is a random question, but how old are you?’41
At 8.30pm she called back explaining that the steer for the show had been changed that afternoon by channel four and they now wanted to focus on young people’s beliefs. She said it’s not ageist, it’s just the focus of the show has changed. I know the media and this stuff happens all the time. It’s not that I didn’t have a feeling something was up, and I waited as late as I could before going public and asking for an audience. But I had to book a venue for filming, and started compiling a studio audience even though something didn’t feel quite complete but media never does, and now it’s just a bit eggy! I was advised by a friend to give a public ‘director unwell’ excuse for cancelling, but I believe in transparency from everyone else, so why not me?!

It’s been a rough few weeks, my car died, the dogs been struggling with allergies which keep me awake at night, the builders are in for my landlord and everything has a layer of dust, lots of close friends with problems and my publisher who love the idea for my next book, can’t move forward with it as the current book that’s only been out 6 months is just under the right amount of sales to make a next book viable at this time. Of course the TV show would have tipped it.

This isn’t the stuff you read on facebook. So why am I telling you.

Because it’s at these points in life you have to decide if you live in a friendly universe or hostile. If it’s hostile it’s winning right now and the future looks bleak.  If it’s friendly in the past few weeks I have:

  • Been saved from looking like a right t**t on TV! I got on great with the lovely researcher who has agreed to pass on my TV show ideas to her production company, so my 5 mins might turn into my own show! In a friendly universe, that’s so happening!
  • Been saved from a car accident where I or the dog could be dead.
  • Had the opportunity to be an amazing friend.
  • If I’m honest I know I need a gap before I start my next book, as I have some amazing projects in the pipe line that will blow your sock off, and those need my time, energy and brain space for those.
  • Getting my damp flat un-damped (not a word) and redecorated, woo hoo!
  • And who knows when I’m at the vets tomorrow I might be sitting next to the love of my life, as long as he’s not a got cats!

My point is this, bad things and disappointments happen to good people, but they are only bad and disappointing if you believe them to be so. As I believe in a friendly universe, I might not know now and might never know what that was all about, but I trust. One of my friend moved me this week, because what she lost was far greater, she lost her baby, and even she still trusts and believes in the friendly universe.

So for those of you who were coming, here’s half price tickets to my show on Monday Sept 2nd 7.30pm normally reserved for groups, but even if your coming on your own, book now and I’ll honour the £7.50 price for the disappointment.

Monday I start my radio show for Hay House 4.00pm UK time for a run of 6 weeks. A few years back my boyfriend at the time and I, were listening to the Hay House Radio long before I had ever written a book, and he said ‘one day you’ll be on this station’ if I had known then what I know now’. The truth is we don’t know why, we must only trust and even if I’m wrong, I’m happy in the face of adversity.