I’m an author, I love writing. I love inspiring people, sharing ideas and getting into conversation. I LOVE BLOGGING. I’m not good with delayed gratification, I want to write and have you see it, as soon as it’s done. Yet it often it takes days and sometimes weeks from writing to publishing. You see being dyslexic I have to find a proof reader. Sometimes I pay them or do an exchange for a consultation. Sometimes I cringe to yet again ask for help from a friend. Untimely it’s a total balls ache and it puts me right off wanting to blog. Perfectionism is the mother of procrastination.
When I put up a post with typos in it, I sometimes get a really nice mails from some helpfully people pointing it out, and I make the correction, lovely stuff. Occasionally I get a rant from someone telling me how unprofessional I am, I should be embarrassed, how could I be a Hay House author and that I am damaging my brand. I make no bones about being dyslexic, it is one of my super powers in many ways. I would never ask a short person to be tall for five minutes, or expect them to pay someone to hold them up higher. My dyslexia isn’t as debilitating to my blog writing as my fear of judgement. This doesn’t mean I have lost my commitment to excellence, but instead I am building my commitment to love.

So here’s the thing, everyone is missing out because someone might think oooh typo! Seriously, I’m done with that. Welcome ladies and gentleman ( and if that’s ladies as in toilet and not lady’s as in  … whatever) to my proof reader free blog. If you find a typo celebrate my liberation from fear of judgement! Language is just communication and if you understand what I am communicating then my work here is done. I have so much to share with you and so many things that I want to give you that will empower you and make your life sing, and if one of those things is for you to feel better than me because you can spell and I can’t GOOD! I’m happy!

I have so many amazing clients who have expressed their fear of shining. I guess I fear not being good enough. If you have a voice inside of you, don’t fear judgement. Don’t worry about what other people will think of you however you choose to voice your truth, make it come from the heart.