(written 28th June 13) Forgive any flight analogies – I am in an airport waiting for a flight, en route to teach at a retreat.
I love people-watching, and here everyone is waiting. Some are filling the time with shopping or eating, but we all have waiting in common, even the people working here are likely to be waiting to finish their shift.

I thought about all of the things in the rest of life we wait for. Some are yes-or-no emails containing responses beyond our control; some are things we could influence, but don’t.

It’s like the flights overhead that are in a holding pattern waiting for the control tower to tell them it’s safe to land. We wait for a right moment when we have what we need in place to feel safe enough to make a move towards the things that have meaning for us. It could be having enough money, the right support, or some other suitable circumstance. Any old bollocks can masquerade as a reason not to move forward, because what we’re really waiting for is the moment when we don’t feel scared.

I’m starting to believe that feeling scared is the natural state of feeling for most people. I know I expect people to be much stronger than they really see themselves to be. My intuition sees the heart, pumping powerfully into the spirit of a person with a passion for life. I don’t just mean a passion for living, but for real life. Risk taking, mountaineering, pushing limits and breathing fire … all at once. The feeling that there has to be more than this! Then from out of nowhere a voice says ‘Do not leave your bags unattended’ and people pick up their stuff, gather it around them like a safety blanket and sit waiting.

Your intuition can show you that the warnings holding you back might be of your own mind’s making. The mind (ego) wants you to lead a small and safe life, where there is less likelihood of your body getting squashed. Of course when your body isn’t invigorated from time to time, it will squish you from the inside out. The problem is society sells you the idea that the world isn’t safe. Just on the radio this morning the news was about future possible things that could go wrong according to a new theory. Since when is that news? Sowing anxiety by reporting on negative hypothetical potentials instead of what has actually happened stokes the ego’s inclination towards worry.

Your intuition is your greatest BS detector, both for yourself and BS from others. It gives you the information from the inner control tower to let you know your dreams for the future are safe to land in the now!