Touring around giving talks in the past few weeks, I have been struck by one thing. People know they are intuitive, but that they are fearful of the life that following their intuition could give them.

It is after all a life of freedom, and that is a bit scary!

In my book ‘You Do Know – learning to act on intuition instantly’ I have taken great effort to not just teach how to use your intuition, but how to navigate your fear to in able you to act on your intuition. It’s one thing to ‘know’ it and another to ‘do it’ or even not do it. People are now telling me stories of the missed opportunities in their life that the book has been causing them to reflect upon.

Acting on intuition is fast, you have to move quickly, you need to get in and move before the moment has gone or before your mind clicks in with reasons why you shouldn’t do something. For many people this is just too scary, the book is written to support that. Getting something wrong in a split second decision can be painful, but not much in life is undoable. Regret seems to last forever like an ache in your bones that never goes away. We always regret what we don’t do far more than we regret what we do. You can always check in with your body about what your body wants to do. By bringing your attention into your body you can check in with your emotions. It is possible to feel the emotions you have underneath any fear based emotion. Quite often we become distracted by doing what we think is ‘right’ for the outside world rather than what is right for us.

We might not have explanation why you need to follow a road that is right for us, if it is one that is less travelled by everyone you know. Sometimes a stab in the dark is all we have to save our life.