A few years ago whilst living in San Francisco I was taken to see an Irish poet called David Whyte, I was expecting a dingy art centre with a few solemn looking intellectuals having a moment of existential angst. What I found was packed out vibrant theatre with the same emotional hype of waiting to see any large named inspirational speaker. In the US poetry is the new black.
It was a wonderful evening where I felt I was taken into a sedative trance by his words.

The UK is a little behind the poetry revolution, but when we catch up, as we always do Steve Taylor is our man. I have just read his book of poems called The Meaning, highly endorsed my Eckhart Tolle and now myself.

Taylor say’s: “Poetry is the natural medium to communicate higher states of consciousness, or awakening experiences”. There may be something a little lost in reading poems in a book, for me they are an oral tradition and best read by the author. Yet without that opportunity currently, and I do hope this is something the author would consider, I will share with you one of the poems in the book:

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The Trick

The trick is to trust yourself

not to try to trap your prey

or seduce your lover

If you feel frustrated

the animal will scent your anxiety

and veer away

your lover will sense your desperation

and spurn you

Your soul is delicate

you can’t shake and squeeze her

or scrape her sides

for a few last crumbs of insight

She needs time to collect herself

to gather her dissipated power

Too much force will break the mould

of invisible patterns and potentials

which give birth to beauty

She may seem barren now

but she’s not dead, only sleeping

New life is slowly seeping through

from that deep underground source

making her moist and rich again


until she’s ready to release

strange new joys

Your soul has never you let you down

and never will

as long as you are patient

as long as you are still.


©The Meaning Steve Taylor

A book well worth having on your shelf just to dip into when searching for meaning.

Loveability: Knowing How to Love and Be Loved on Amazon