Not a Jamie Oliver recipe for a quick and easy relationship.
Have you ever met someone and had such a strong connection with them, then wondered why the relationship didn’t last? Likely true for many people over the age of twenty, but I have started to notice something new, the completion of these connections is getting quicker.
It is my belief that you meet people for a reason; these are the connections that are hard to pull away from even when you know it’s going no-where. Often you meet this person and can’t walk away until something has completed. However you know when it has completed, it’s like a spell has been broken. If you leave before the connection has reached its completion you can get stuck. These people than become someone you always somehow reflect back on, sometimes for the rest of your life.
Just recently I have had lots of calls from clients wanting to know what a love connection was all about. Often it’s hard to see for yourself because you are feeling disappointed or looking for the reason it didn’t work out. The switch is to look at how it did work out and find out from that, what the soul mate connection was all about. What’s really interesting is that these relationships are being completed in a month, a week and sometimes even a day, and if your Paloma Faith 30 minutes!

Intuitively we know we can help this person, or some way they can help us. Often you are helping each other without even realising it. These connections give us a leap in our understanding of ourselves. A rescue point from a road we might have been on or one we could have been if they hadn’t walked into our lives. Rather than feel the loss, have gratitude for such a wonderful connection, the fruits of which may never become apparent. Just so that even if something has completed quickly, it’s likely as far as it had to go. Just remember in any heartache your life has been changed for the better because of it.