Thank you Russell Brand, I couldn’t have put it better myself… well actually I did, but it took me a whole book to get to the point!

An excerpt from My book ‘You Do Know – learning to act on intuition instantly’:

You can’t know about God, but you can ‘know’ God. It’s hard to come up with a better word than God, but it is linked with so many different ideas defining ‘God.’ I would like to use the term ‘the Knowing’ but it sounds like the title of a movie. So let’s just stick with God, with the understanding that it is the word used for the energy force of creation. Part of the problem with trying to find the right word for God is that there shouldn’t be a word. Words limit and contextualize something that you simply can’t understand with the mind. We can know God, but not in a way that can be discussed – only in a way that can be felt. To me, to know God is a form of intuitive knowing, almost like bringing yourself into a place of total stillness from which you are in connection with everything. In that place we no longer have the thoughts of ‘this is this and I am that.’ It is quite beautiful. Using inner knowing to find God is how we all connect fully.

For many people this connection happens when they are at their lowest ebb, when they are sending out a prayer for God’s help, and finally stop the noise in their head to listen for an answer. When the soul-searching moves inward it is because everything external hasn’t worked, when there really is nowhere else to turn but inward. Some people have found this moment when a loved one is missing or near death, when they feel that everything in life is lost, when the bills can’t be paid, or when they get sick.
Every moment there are only two decisions to make. You can choose love or fear, love or ego. By choosing to live it was a case of fighting fear and to keep choosing love. And if I were to describe my work as an ‘intuitive therapist and catalyst’ simply, it is to be a guide to make choosing love easier.