I’ve had a brilliant idea! You know that boy bands mostly sell CD’s to screaming females and gay men who fancy them? Well, the Mind Body Spirit arena shares the same audience, so how about setting up events with only good looking male speakers! Oh come on its genius! It would be like catnip to the spiritual singles!
If I ever was going to set up such a blatant marketing strategy Sandy C. Newbigging would be in my top 4 boy speaker line up (I’m not sharing the other 3!) Sandy came on the MBS scene whilst I was living in San Francisco, so when I got back from the US he seemed to be a somewhat overnight success. I got the chance to hear him talk at Mind Body Spirit Cheltenham this year. He has a laid back sit down approach, greeting late comers coming in through the doors whilst not missing a beat in his address to the audience. His book Thunk published by Findhorn might give an explanation on how he stays so calm.

Sandy delivers a number of take home tools in his talk, but the one that stuck with me was this – Compromise corrodes. Now I like what he did there with the use of the double C. Yet it jarred with me, you have to compromise, it’s a valuable part of life. But Sandy went on to say, ‘Not the kind of compromise when you want Chinese, your partner wants Indian so you get a pizza, but the one where you stop being authentic’. I’m authentically kind and so I compromise, but then Sandy landed it right between the eyes ‘You compromise away from your authentic self, when you don’t believe you can have what you want.’ There it was, I saw a room of people got smacked in the forehead all at once.

I haven’t read Thunk yet, but if it reads as he speaks I am sure it will be an inspiring and somewhat charming book ;)

Sandy will be at the Isbourne Centre in Cheltenham 18th November with his workshop ‘Being Calm’ go along with clean pants just in case you decide to throw them at him. http://www.isbourne.org/index.php?option=com_jcalpro&Itemid=60&extmode=view&extid=58196&date=2012-11-18