It seems that every time I have watched the news this year, there has been a report of truth being revealed from the back of a cover-up: banking crisis, Jimmy Saville, Hillsborough disaster, phone tapping to name but a few.
Something is shifting. I believe we are starting to breakdown our archetypes. Archetypes are the masks we put on; sub-personalities are another word for them. They are aspects of the ego we put into place to protect ourselves. We can also describe this as ‘putting on a front’.

The problem is we sometimes get so lost into these characters we can think that they are truly who we are. We can then also believe that the stories these archetypes tell us are true. Often an archetype will switch around the truth of a situation in order to be right. For example a young girl who was having problems with an ended friendship said to me that her ex-friend sent her a nasty text telling her not to talk about her behind her back, ruining her reputation with other friends.  She was very upset and said ‘I haven’t said anything!’ She had only just been telling me what the others girls had said about this girl. Therefore she had been talking behind her back. I pointed this out, to which she said ‘Yes but, I only called her a liar, I didn’t call her a slag’. The ego can twist things so that calling her a liar to mutual friends doesn’t constitute as ruining her reputation.  We have an amazing capacity with the ego to twist all kinds of justifications for our actions.

Yet we are seeing a shift to the truth coming out. Not just on the part of the story teller, but also on the part of the listener. We are starting to get to a point where we are no-longer willing to turn a blind eye.

For as long as I can remember it is a bigger faux pas to call someone a liar than to be one.

We are starting to not turn a blind eye because we are longing for transparency. We are so fed up with being told lies. Every part of how we live our lives seems to have been infected and the cost with new emerging stories is getting greater.

The truth is we do intuitively know when we are being lied to, but we decide not to act upon it. Sometimes it’s embarrassment, sometimes we don’t trust ourselves and sometimes it’s because we are too lazy to stand up to the consequences.  As part of the shift of consciousness we so badly need to have a better life, I believe all of these realisations that are coming out now will change our values. I have seen the change already start to happen in my clients. More authentic emotion lead conversations have been happening in families. I have seen people step away from relationships that weren’t working that they just didn’t want to be honest with themselves about. There is an unveiling happening of our fake selves, opening our hearts up to our vulnerability. Interestingly enough, we are always vulnerable until we come together. It is the openness to our vulnerable selves that is the glue that makes the bond to give us the security we were expecting from hiding.

Intuition is the key to see through the lies you are presented with. Intuition is the key to know who to open your heart to.