Plants and trees might not have the five senses in the same way we do, but they are able to see, touch, taste, smell and hear.

In the August 25th edition of ‘New Scientist’ there is an article about just that.

Trees have photoreceptors in their stems and leaves. They are able to pick up sunlight of course, but also red and blue. In the same way that we can feel a creepy crawly in our skin, plants are sensitive to touch, hot, cold and even the wind: which is why plants in conditions where there is a lot of buffeting by the wind don’t do so well. Trees that are being attacked by parasites send out a pheromonal message which is smelt by other trees making them activate a chemical into the leaves which will protect the tree from the approaching parasite. Plants and trees have taste receptors in the roots which are not that much different to our own. And finally plants respond well to music! This I have personal experience of, and no it wasn’t one of those plastic dancing sunflowers :)

Taking all this into consideration, it is therefore possible to be able to communicate with plants and trees going beyond breathing all over them. Becoming curious about them is an amazing gateway to change something we take for granted into becoming extraordinary. By doing so we become more awake to the world around us and therefore much more engaged with life itself.

In the last few chapters of my forth coming book, ‘You Do Know – Learning to act on your intuition instantly’ (Out in spring 2013 with Hay House) I talk about how to use intuition to learn to hear all living things. But it’s amazing to think the plants and trees are aware of you!