Everyone knows that music can shift your mood, yet few of us understand exactly why.
Daniel Bowling a cognitive neuroscientist suggests that it is the distance between the notes that determines how music makes us feel. This is because it is characteristic to the way we use our voice. To test his theory he collected speech samples from 20 English speakers and 20 Tamil Indian speakers and looked at whether the changes in frequency predicted the emotional content of the words. He found the same pattern he did in written music, the sadder the speech the more monotone the delivery.

As an intuitive, I hear the world as sound; to me every person has their own theme tune. I can hear when a person is or isn’t in harmony, with themselves, their job, relationship or anything else we put under the heading of life. I decided that using music was a great way to teach people to become intuitive. I have been using music more and more in my workshops and lessons with fantastic results.

The idea was something I had for a long time, but was stuck on the right music to use. Until I stumbled across Tom Fortes Mayer http://www.freemindunlimited.com who gave me permission to use some music he had written with ‘intention’. Intention is a very powerful tool, it is possible to put the energy of intention into anything, including your day and have amazing shift patterns off the back of simply setting a decision. Using Tom’s powerful music I am finding many students reporting having altered states of consciousness during meditation much more deeply than during a visualisation. Often with visualisation as soon as the teacher says ‘and now you find yourself at a door, open the door, what do you see’ the student sees nothing. Guiding the student and then dropping them at the crucial moment of realisation isn’t good for students who think more in parts and words than in pictures. Using music shifts emotions and allows blissful states of awareness to emerge.

I am also enjoying having much more movement for somatic intuition as part of my class room. Who wants to just sit in a chair listening to a person tell them how they should feel? It’s time to get up and feel it!… Baby!


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Tom Fortes Mayer http://www.freemindunlimited.com