The first professional BTEC qualification for spiritual workers has been launched in the UK by the Spiritual Workers’ Association.

So what is it, and what’s the point of it?

According to the spiritual workers association it is the first recognised professional qualification of its kind in this industry.

It’s a BTEC level 3 advanced award backed by Edexcel, the UK’s largest awarding organisation, offering academic and vocational qualifications and testing to schools, colleges, employers and other places of learning in the UK and internationally. So in other words, it’s a proper qualification recognised in the UK.

This qualification does not teach you how to be spiritual but teaches spiritual people who want to work, to do so within the law and familiarise yourself with all aspects of running your own private practise or spiritual business. Please note that you are still seen as a trader if you accept a donation of any kind.

Up to now it has been difficult to regulate spiritual practises, be that healing, psychic services or anything that you don’t have to have a qualification to practice. Without a qualification you can’t be regulated under a relatively new law that came in about five years ago. The old law, believe it or not, was the witch craft act. This law was replaced when a bright spark tried to put forward a case under the witch craft law against the medium Derek Accora for some of his appearances on the TV show Most Haunted. Of course the case fell flat, but suddenly the old witch craft act was replaced by ‘consumer rights’.

Under consumer rights you have to be able to prove the claims you make on your website, or be subject to being sued under the consumer rights law. A little tricky to scientifically prove you can communicate with the dead or many other practises you might be able to think of. If it can’t be proved by science, you also can’t get a recognised qualification in it. For example you can’t have a qualification in mediumship or intuition.

This is why this BTEC course has been created; it is to give the people who have a practise, that can’t have a qualification, a means to fully understand the law behind their spiritual work, but also they can be secure that their insurance is valid by not making law based errors.

For me, it’s sad we live in a world where crooks who rip off vulnerable people and even more shocking that common sense goes out of the window in favour of blind belief. How many people have followed a Sat nav into deep water! Yet this is the world we live in and this course can really help people navigate in a world that seems to be out to get you.

More about the course:

Study at your own pace.

  • A minimum of 60 hours guided learning with qualified professional teachers across the UK

What will you learn?

  • The history of Spiritualistic Services and their place in today’s society.
  • The laws governing Spiritual Workers.
  • The importance of professional standards.
  • All aspects of being self-employed and running your own business in the Spiritual industry.

BTEC Course Cost:

  • SWA Members – £700
  • Standard Price – £750

A Deposit can be taken and monthly payments terms agreed on request. The SWA are also able to offer further discounts to groups, multiple bookings and schools.


Will I be doing it? Not anytime soon, as I am sure it will irritate me to do it for the mere fact that the world has come to this. But once I have stuck my bottom lip back in, I am sure the time will come, sooner rather than later, that I will have to stop sulking and do it. Such a shame when so many people are leaving the Mind Body Spirit industry at a time when the world needs them the most.

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