I was sent an e-mail after class from one of my students, she has said I can share the none personal bit’s with you:
Hello Becky
Thank you so much for a great evening I learned a lot and loved the group and your leadership. I particularly resonated (oh yes!!) with the bit around sound – I trained as a classical violinist and music teacher but lost my confidence in playing and singing.
I had a bad morning this morning and then remembered that intuition doesn’t work with low vibrations so started to work on my hopefullness and gratitude – so thanks. I need to learn to trust myself more. I come from a highly scientific/rational/cynical family who rubbished my ‘sensitivity’ at any opportunity – they still do. So I don’t accept or trust that part of myself, but realise that it’s very strong in me and desperately trying to come out!  
So looking foward to next week. 
Thanks again.

I can’t tell you how common M’s situation is. I come across lack of personal belief getting in the way of intuitive knowing often.

People always tell you that you have to think ‘positive’, but when you’re deep in the throes of feeling negative it’s normally the last thing you want to hear. So, it might help to know why staying positive is important.

Imagine that your mind had two floors like an elevator. Floor one is the Neo cortex, which makes all of your brilliant decisions; it is intuitive, inspired and motivated. Then there is the basement, the Reptilian brain, which is in charge of keeping the body safe. It makes reactions to hostile or frightening situations. Its normal way of dealing with fear can be well remembered using five Fs:

Flight – Run away, get out of there.

Fight – Stand still and I’ll give you a bunch of fives.

Freeze – Most animals and insects do this; they keep still and play dead or are paralyzed with fear.

Food – Give the body energy to be able to cope with the situation.

Fornicate – We have a strong desire for sex for the procreation of the species. Think about the baby boom after the war, or make up sex after an argument.

We cannot be on both floors at the same time, which means that these parts of the brain are not active at the same time. What activates the elevator to go up or down is not situations in your life, but how you feel about them emotionally.

You can see why when you are in the grip of these emotions, it is impossible to see a way out, as you’re on the wrong floor; the part of the brain that works with solutions isn’t the part of the brain you’re functioning from.

The mind, however, is wonderful; it works with the body to make sure that we stay at floor one with an open and fully functioning mind. Before you hit the emotion of ‘overwhelm’ you simply need to: exercise, take time out for meditation, laugh, sing, dance, play with animals and children or simply have fun to head back to the first floor. Having fun, is really what happens when we are in flow, when your in flow all the answers intuitively come to you. :)