I have this fantasy that I am being held by a robber at gunpoint. Armed police have us surrounded. On the front row crouched down on the floor is a very attractive Cop (OK so now the fantasy is set in America). In a flash we have an intuitive connection. Mind to mind he teaches me jiu-jitsu. I grab the robber dislocating the trigger finger, whilst throwing him over my shoulder to the ground, taking his gun and throwing it away. With my high heel on the robber’s chest I say ‘I don’t think so’. The Cops make the arrest and there is a happy ending. No one got hurt and my mind-to-mind Cop comes over and tells me I am amazing. I barely give a breathy ‘really’ before I faint like a right girl. He catches me, carries me to the Cop car and lays me on the back seat.
The smut part of the story is down to your mind and your own definition of what I mean by ‘lays me’ on the back seat.

The truth is that anyone who wants to develop intuition, secretly wants to have a super power.

But why?

Firstly – Life is difficult and we would like to use intuition to avoid pain.

Secondly – People are difficult and we would like to have some kind of ‘power-over’ advantage.

Of course I am being obtusely negative here, and the opposite is also true. We also want to use intuition to be able to love more deeply and to give ‘power-to’ others in terms of help and advice.

One kind of intuition lust comes from our fear and the other from our love, and I know which one I want to work with the most.

Love-based intuition works with curiosity over judgement; it allows us to open our hearts to others. Love-based intuition doesn’t know fear and it doesn’t know superiority.

We might not be able to use intuition to be able to download practical wisdom such as jiu-jitsu kickass moves, or even how to fly a ‘matrix’ film style helicopter, but intuition is a ‘super’ power. It allows us to bypass our ego and make decisions from an open and loving place.

Now where was I… Oh yes, I was coming out of the bank, when….

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