The Mayan calendar ended this week, which to me just feels like another notch to confirm what we already know; we are in changing times. Only people who live under a rock would have escaped the emotional changes of the past few weeks. It seems so many of us are having health difficulties springing out of a once healthy body. In addition people are leaving their bodies and moving on into the afterlife in a seemly inexplicable way. Those still here are trying to make sense of the emotional questions that are popping up like champagne bubbles without the fun side-effects.
This is the shift of consciousness; we knew it was coming for a long time. I first heard about this about fifteen years ago; it seemed so far away. It was described as though it was an apocalyptic disaster.  Many of the things they said would happen are happening, but I thought years ago that the sky would turn red and all manner of terrible things would happen in one go. I’m thankful thus far that this isn’t the case.

I have also been seeing number patterns, for example seeing 11.11 on the clock, or in other random ways. I know many others have had this experience, and I have never normally been someone who has a belief in dates and being bitterly disappointed that ‘two thousand zero zero…party over…whoops – out of time’ didn’t happen as Prince and Nostradamus had promised. However I do believe in the power of numbers: maths to be exact. I hated maths at school and ended ungraded in my maths exam. So when I had maths as a part of my Degree I thought I was done for. However I now love numbers! The degree module was maths as archetypes in nature and art. I found maths is the basic structure of everything in the universe. So when we come across dates such as 11/11/11 there is an energy to those numbers. All over the world people will be writing those numbers. The date on a newspapers, when writing cheques, everywhere. In Chinese writing the figures look like symbolic pictures of what the words mean. If we look at 11; it looks like two pillars next to each other, the coming together of two things, perhaps two people. It is very symbolic of unity.

I believe in a collective consciousness also known as a morphic field; that we are all linked at a level of consciousness. Having so many people writing a symbol of unity on the same day is rather powerful. You might like to look at where you would like unity in your own life, or wish for unity in parts of the world that so desperately need a coming together. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks, it is sure to be a very powerful time for change.